Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Earn customers for life

Expectations are constantly on the rise. Customers want quick, relevant answers on any channel and when on the go. Help your brand stand out for all the right reasons with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. Built-in intelligence delivers faster, more personalised service and adds value to every interaction.

Capitalise on customer relationships

Effortless customer service begins here

In today's business world, everyone and everything is always connected and more empowered than ever. Customer experiences are quickly taking over price and product as the number one differentiator, meaning digitally transformed organisations that resolve customer issues quickly and painlessly through any channel or on any device will set themselves apart from the crowd.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service enables organisations to engage customers, empower agents and find new ways to add value in the ever-changing business world. Intelligent customer service increases brand loyalty through effortless customer interactions.

Personalise service with a complete customer view with artificial intelligence.

Fast track development and growth

Create a high-performance culture

Built-in intelligence empowers all employees on every level to have a meaningful and positive impact on business outcomes by providing actionable insights unique to their role; enabling you to provide proactive customer care.

Resolve issues with predictive care to keep customers happy whilst also avoiding service and support issues by analysing data from connected devices so you can take action before warning signs become a major problem.

Tailor every interaction with a complete customer view so you can deliver value at every touchpoint. A 360-degree view of each customer’s journey enables you to anticipate needs and personalise any and all communication with everyone.

Position your brand for success 

Empower hiring managers

Hire the right people, faster

Transform your customer interactions with deep insights provided by artificial intelligence that guide your teams to the right business outcomes. Improve service through targeted analysis of business-critical data.

Capitalise on revenue opportunities by using service and support as an upsell or cross-sell opportunity by empowering agents with machine learning driven recommendations.

Make your business smarter.

How will your business benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 breaks down the silos between CRM and ERP which is powered by data and intelligence, and helps capture business opportunities. Start your digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and only start with the applications you need.

End-to-end applications that work great together on their own or together.


Find and nurture more sales-ready leads by moving beyond basic email marketing. Share one source of sales and marketing information through connected, automated processes for smarter decisions that maximise your marketing ROI.


Meet customers ever rising needs by going beyond sales force automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, enabling you to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively, and win more deals.

Field Service

Deliver a seamless, end-to-end service experience with Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Built-in intelligence helps you resolve service issues before they occur, reduce operational costs, and deliver positive onsite experiences.

Project Service Automation

Run your project-based business more productively by bringing people, processes, and automation technology together through a unified experience.

Customer Insights

Better understand and engage with customers by giving employees the relevant insights they need from intelligent customer analytics.

Finance and Operations

Grow your small to medium-sized business by connecting people and processes with a single system that has intelligence built in—making financial management, sales, service, and operations easier.


Unify digital, in-store, and back office operations to personalise customer engagement and increase employee productivity. Dynamics 365 for Retail empowers retailers to create exceptional, insightful shopping experiences.


Today's employees want to work for companies where they can do their best work, demonstrate impact, and drive career growth. Dynamics 365 for Talent enables exceptional experiences across employee attraction, engagement, development, and retention.

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