Business Intelligence

Make better decisions with smarter business intelligence

Create powerful, scalable data models to turn complex data into actionable insights that can be easily understood. Connect to virtually any data of any size, whether in the cloud or on-premises. No data movement is required.

Transform your data

Deliver insights from anywhere

Make the move from spreadsheets and revolutionise your reporting processes with Microsoft Dynamics business intelligence. Transform your company’s data to support informed decision-making and gain deeper insight to stay in the know and spot trends as they happen.

Enable your business to stand head shoulders above the rest with modern business intelligence (BI) solutions and tools and enable your entire organisation to understand and act quickly on data.

Take advantage of the scalability, access to secured data, and familiar tools like Excel with Dynamics 365 business intelligence.

Create interactive reports

Modernise your reporting processes

Let business users connect to and analyse data by sharing insights on the web, mobile devices, or custom applications and scale your reporting solution to deliver insights to thousands of users in an instant with an enterprise-ready reporting platform.

Quickly generate and share rich, interactive reports that help you better visualise and analyse your data by accessing KPIs and reports on any device using built-in mobile BI capabilities so you can get the insight you need from anywhere.

Connect to your on-premises data from the cloud meaning there's no data migration required minimising disruption to your business and enabling you to carry on with everyday tasks.

Deliver actionable data insights to everyone

Business intelligence like never before

Get the power and flexibility you need

Be up and running in hours with prebuilt reports, dashboards, BI cubes, automated data warehousing and an intuitive design with Jet Reports and Connect data sources, simplify data prep and drive analysis to produce beautiful reports that can be published and consumed from anywhere with PowerBI.

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