How Can The Microsoft Cloud Benefit Your Business?

Discover what the cloud is, what it does, and find the right type of a cloud solution for your business.


What is the Microsoft Cloud, and why will it benefit your business?

The Microsoft Cloud is a safe, secure, and trusted solution that radically improves insight into your business by transforming data. The Microsoft Cloud listens, learns and predicts trends so it can revolutionise your business, and drive growth.

Provide your business with a scalable solution to transform and unite your employees, by helping them to collaboratively work on tasks, connecting them as a workforce, and making your business stronger. This helps the speed and efficiency of completing work, driving your business forward and leaving your competitors behind.

It helps your business perform better, by having all your important information and data online, so when your computers fail, your data is kept safe.

Which cloud solution will suit your business best?

On-Premise - An On-Premise Dynamics NAV solution is purchased and installed on to your servers at your business premises. This means you’re responsible for the maintenance, security, software upgrades and more.

True Cloud - A True Cloud Dynamics NAV solution is built specifically for the internet, and is accessed via, (and work seamlessly on), all your browsers and devices. This allows your solution to be flexible, customisable and built to cope with large numbers of users. The maintenance, security and software upgrades are taken care of by our experts, so you can focus on driving business growth and striving for greatness.

Hosted Cloud - A Hosted Cloud Dynamics NAV solution is typically built and designed to be on-premise. But these have been re-worked so they can be delivered online. They come under the umbrella of a cloud solution but are typically less flexible, and trickier to upgrade than true cloud solutions. Maintenance, security and upgrades are usually taken care of for you.

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