How can I improve the performance of my supply chain?

Discover how a Microsoft Dynamics solution can help in three key areas.


Businesses need to manage the resources that goes towards meeting customer requirements for their products. This means devising a strategy that monitors the supply chain from start to finish to ensure it’s efficient, profitable and delivers quality and value to customers.

What are the three main areas in my supply chain that can be helped with a Microsoft Dynamics solution?


Supply chain planning includes determining quantities of stock and inventory required and ensuring replenishment and production can keep up with demand.

A Microsoft Dynamics solution provides an easy and flexible way to establish the criteria within the supply chain by determining policies and procedures to govern supply chain activities, including production, stock and replenishment processes, and helping businesses keep up with changes and adjustments to daily or weekly schedules.


Businesses need to establish metrics to monitor, review and adjust supply chain activities in real-time. This information is vital to ensure they have the flexibility needed to stay competitive and guarantee the smooth running of a cost-effective operation.

A Microsoft Dynamics solution offers the ability to review supply chain activities in real-time, giving you better insight, and empowering you to make more intelligent decisions. Ultimately, this will help your business meet critical objectives.


Comparing actual activity against targets and objectives can be difficult for businesses relying on multiple stand-alone systems and workflow processes. Microsoft Dynamics solutions can provide information organisation to ensure any variances in the supply chain are identified and promptly addressed.

What are the benefits of a Microsoft Dynamics solution to supply chain management?

  • -Improved efficiency across all stages in the supply chain
  • -Better customer service for repeat business opportunities
  • -Reduced overheads and operational costs through automation of workflow
  • -Flexibility to adapt to meet changing circumstances or future business growth and expansion
  • -Fewer IT issues to manage as operating a more connected and controlled environment

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