Don’t let your ERP implementation fail

Perfect Dynamics’ top tips to ensure your implementation runs smoothly


ERP implementation can fail because:

  • Your end goals are not clearly defined
  • The solution provider has little or no experience with implementation in your industry
  • Expectations are not managed well enough

An ERP implementation is one of the biggest decisions a company can make, so Perfect Dynamics have 3 top tips for you to be able to ensure you get the best ERP solution possible.

Carefully consider what you need

ERP solutions vary, and different solutions cover different business needs, but picking the right one to suit your needs is a difficult decision. You will need to make sure you consider how much you want to spend, functionality you’ll need, as well as what other businesses in your industry are using, and how it has benefited them – and then decide if this is something your business will need too.

Make sure that expectations are managed

Managing your expectations is made far easier when you begin the process of implementation with an end goal, the right Microsoft partner, and have defined steps and phases in mind. This will benefit you hugely, both during the project and when you start measuring the result post go-live.

By managing your expectations, you ensure that they are kept realistic, and that your future goals are not affected towards the end of the project because you can’t complete them.

You will then benefit from smoother implementation, more effective planning and have a solution that is tailored to more realistic goals.

Picking your partner

Picking the right partner is one of the toughest decisions to make in the implementation process, you’ll need a partner who has expertise not only in implementation, but also in your industry, so they’ll know exactly what functionality you’ll need and why.

Perfect Dynamics are a business consultancy that delivers solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics suite of applications. Utilising the latest technology to streamline processes, provide automation and deliver efficiency. The technology is seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite, and is hosted on the Azure platform. It gives any business a solid and scalable solution for enhancement and growth.

Our products and services are implemented by a team of specialists who have expertise and experience of the Microsoft product suite.

We believe any customer engagement should be a partnership and we always make our customers feel like they are part of the team. From initial interaction through to go-live and on-going support, we’re here to assist and advise. We’ll ensure you’re fully trained, and your employees are happy with the day to day management of the system.

If you already have a Microsoft Dynamics solution or a support package with another provider, and you’re not happy with the implementation or level of training – get in touch today via getintouch@perfectdynamics or give us a call on 033 022 02627.

Don’t let your ERP implementation fail

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