Dynamics NAV Hero

Is your current system holding your business back?

If your business has numerous work arounds, manual processes or you're unhappy with your current service provider, we're here to rescue you!

We'll sit down with you, listen to the issues you're facing and work with you to get your business back on track. Our step by step guide will show you just how.

Our 8 Step Process

1. Identification

Using experienced architects and strong project management, we look at your existing system from a number of viewpoints. This allows us to determine a plan to move forward.

2. Business process

We'll look at your existing operations, locate weaknesses, and identify areas where business process change would benefit system operation.

3. System process

We'll establish if you are getting the most out of your current system, whether your security settings work with user processes, and if there's any relevant training or setup tweaks that will improve efficiency.

4. Development review

During the development review, we will identify how much of your system is bespoke, if the development has been carried out to best practice, and if this work is causing ongoing data corruption or performance issues.

5. Technical review

Evaluating performance issues relating to server/desktop hardware, wireless communications issues, or internet bandwidth when working remotely. Our technical review ensures efficient operation of your ERP system.

6. Stabilisation

Once a plan is in place, we'll start working to stabilise the business, the application, and the environment. Process change will be implemented, outstanding support calls prioritised and resolved, and hardware changes put in place. At the end of the stabilisation phase, a business using NAV will regain efficiency, trust, and morale. The use of paper as an information flow through your business will have decreased and you can start to look forward to enhance the system to really maximise the benefit of your investment.

7. Enhance

When the system is stable, Perfect Dynamics will recommend add-ins and add-ons that can add value to your system, modules to simplify security setup, reduce data input, automate data flows and control system processes can be implemented.

8. Implementation

During the operation phase, we'll help your business take ownership of your system. Through NAV Hero, key super users will have been identified and consulted, as well as provided with information and training that will help users look after the system collectively moving forward. Perfect Dynamics will take a back seat as the process moves forward and will be ready to work with the business to transition to an appropriate support package.

On-going NAV support.

We'll work with you.

From training to support, we'll ensure your business has everything it needs with a suitable support package. Once the project is complete, we are always at the end of the phone. Any issues or queries, the Perfect Dynamics support team will be happy to help. You'll also have regular account management visits, this is to keep-in-touch and make sure your system is meeting your business needs.

We strive to build long-lasting relationships with all of our customers.

Making Microsoft Dynamics NAV easy for you.

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