Enhance Dynamics NAV with Perfect PSA

Professional Services Automation Suite.

Perfect Dynamics' Professional Services Automation Suite (PSA) delivers enhanced professional services functionality within Dynamics NAV. It enables businesses to effectively plan, track and deliver projects.

Perfect PSA provides a deep insight into the day-to-day operations at a detailed project level, whilst providing project and delivery managers a pivotal view of project success at a company level. The module is certified by Microsoft and is delivered as a seamless application embedded within Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Plan. Track. Deliver.

Enhance Dynamics NAV

Perfect PSA is certified by Microsoft and is delivered as a seamless product embedded within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It includes the following tools:


Perfect Dynamics have built standard integrations for two powerful project management applications that enable visual planning of resource.

Data is seamlessly transferred between Dynamics NAV and either Project Server or Timewax to prevent the need for double entry and alleviating data input errors.

Perfect Dynamics are able to integrate to a number of other applications.


Perfect PSA provides functionality to record contract, usage and invoiced costs at a multi-level hierarchy of job tasks.

Tracking purchases, sales and resource costs against project tasks provides a project manager with true figures to help predict profitability on a project and can identify budgetary issues in real time as time sheets are submitted.

Enhanced time

With Perfect PSA, employees will be able to record their time against any job tasks. It enables businesses to streamline the time sheet approval process by making use of the powerful workflow engine in Dynamics NAV.

Time sheets are recorded against the project in real time and can provide up-to-date statistics against a project task.

Online expense

Utilising the powerful Zetadocs Expenses application, Perfect PSA can ensure expenses are allocated to the correct jobs, ensuring accurate profitability reporting and easy recharging.

Give your employees the power to photograph, and attach receipts with the greatest of ease. Businesses will be able to approve expenses automatically into Dynamics NAV to continue through the billing and payment workflow.


Billing can be a time consuming activity and is often only carried out on a monthly basis due to the involvement required. Through Perfect PSA you'll be able to configure your projects and customers to be billed in a more efficient way:

  • Subscription and contract
  • Time and fee based on time sheets
  • Fixed price project stages
  • Project milestones
  • Expenses recharges

Make your invoicing team more efficient and improve cash flow by reducing the time it takes to carry out the billing cycle and increase the frequency at the same time.

Maintenance and
support ledger

The sales and purchasing process of items can often generate a need for an initial payment followed by a periodic support or maintenance plan.

You'll be able to sell a product and have the subscription lines automatically entered into the subscription billing module. This saves your business time and money.

The solution can also hold multiple charges against one contract to ensure the correct amount is being charged to the customer.

Management &

BI and reporting gives you powerful insight into all elements of the contract and project management information stored within Dynamics NAV.

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